Staff Profile

This add-on allows you to create a public profile for your staff members. This will improve the client’s experience on your website.

All the services, schedule, overview can be displayed in a public profile. Also, the client will be able to make an appointment directly on staff’s profile.

All the booking information will be filled out in the staff’s profile giving your clients a professional experience while they purchase and appointment in your website.

Staff List

You can display all your staff members or team in just one page, this will help your clients to find the right provider easily.

Shopping Cart

This add-on allows your clients to purchase multiple services on different days in the same session. This means that the client can purchase a service on Monday and another one on Friday at the same time, without purchasing each session disparately.


Check this feature on this video:

SMS Reminders

This is one of the major add-on we have implemented on Booking Ultra Pro.

Why Do You Need It?

No-shows can be a real hassle and a big cost to small businesses. Our customers tell us they have been able to reduce accidentally missed appointments by using this feature.

Research has shown 95% of people are likely to look at a text message within 15 minutes of receiving them, while they take longer to get round to looking at their email.

How does it work?

You ask for a mobile phone number from your customer when they book with you (by specifying at least one item on your booking form as being a mobile phone number).  The latest version of Booking Ultra Pro has a feature that detects the client’s international “prefix”.

Then you set the text to be used for the confirmation and/or the reminder messages.

This feature is available on all premium versions. All you have to do is adding credits through your BUP account. Just login to your account here click on ‘SMS’ >  ‘Add Funds’ button.